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Homecoming weekend

October 18, 2016



October 4, 2016

Last Night's Bonfire

The 2016 Bonfire

September 13, 2016

Liberty’s Air Band

Lexi Bauer-, Journalist

September 13, 2016

Liberty's 2016-2017 homecoming week was a big success as it held many popular events, one being Liberty’s annual Airband performance. For all who don't know, air band is an event in which students and administration can pe...

This year's spectacular bonfire!
-Jandi Rychter

Homecoming Week: Bonfire

September 11, 2016

The Spectacular Scarborough Fair

Brandon Marble, Journalist

February 23, 2016

Recently, on January 21-23, Liberty High School hosted its annual Scarborough Fair and it appears as though with every passing year the show continues to grow in size and strength. The show opened with the song “Another Openin’,...