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Society keeps pushing perfection—and it isn’t helping.

Khaleigh Reed, Online Journalist

November 14, 2019

Why is it too hard to love ourselves without being perfect?  As high school students, we have all struggled with something within school. Whether it had been sports, academics or even the influence by friends. Perfectionism is a problem that can make one overwhelmed; ...

The Impact of Unbox Therapy

Andrew Galster, Online Journalist

October 6, 2019

“The only thing that doesn't change is change itself.” The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said this around 500 BCE. Over two thousand years later, this has never been more true. Technology has been man's most powerful we...

Why Don't We Read?

Why Don’t We Read?

September 20, 2019

The controversial discussion about cultural appropriation.

Khaleigh Reed, Online Journalist

September 20, 2019

You're probably thinking: "What is cultural appropriation anyway? Or why is it important?" Cultural appropriation is a way of violating a minority culture's identity to use for themselves as "trends", believes it is acceptab...

The Psychology of Collecting

The Psychology of Collecting

September 19, 2019

A quite tech-savvy cat enjoying her computer time.

A Digital Dystopia

February 1, 2019